clemens en august

Agentur Zumtobel

In the 19th century the two brothers Clemens and August sold high quality fabrics directly to the wealthy farmers in the north of the Netherlands. Walking by foot from farm to farm they offered an exceptional value.160 years later Alexander Brenninkmeijer also bypasses the traditional retailing by selling his Men´s and Women´s collection at contemporary art centers and museums. He realized that his strategy is very similar to the way his ancestors had worked and as a homage he named his label "Clemens en August". The collection is sold exclusively on "tour" around the world.  Each season, Clemens en August "tours“ 10 cities for 3 days only. In addition the collection can be purchased online at our webshop. This direct customer relationship allows the brand to cut out all retail margins, creating an exclusivity based on limited availability of a finely and fairly produced collection rather than an overpriced ticket. At BOROS i developed the Webdesign for the Website and the Webshop in close cooperation with the client clemens en august.